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laughing, singing

Reverie Lane: Relationships

Posted on 2010.02.06 at 13:30
(more details later~)

x - ....how did you manage to make him hate you!?
♥ - Mao doesn't like you. Were you mean to him?
♥♥ - Stranger. Mao doesn't distrust you, but he doesn't really know you either.
♥♥♥ - Getting to know each other. Mao would like to get to know you more.
♥♥♥♥ - Good friends. Mao likes spending time with you.
♥♥♥♥♥ - Best friends! Mao would do anything for you.

let's eat peach pie together~Collapse )

hmm. thinking.

Reverie Lane: Permissions Post

Posted on 2010.01.13 at 16:21
Comment if you need to ask me anything concerning Mao's participation in an event or log, or for relationships, fights, etc.

Basic Permissions:

Relationships: Mao is fairly friendly and takes well to most people. If he teases, it's because he cares. He's fairly forgiving and will get over petty arguments and such pretty fast. However, though he seems overly trusting, he isn't easily misled. He has a pretty good knack for sensing someone's less-than-good intentions.

Romantically...nothing, please. The kid is physically 13, mentally a year old. He does show a lot of physical affection in the form of hugs and such with the people he's close to, but nothing more than that.

Fighting: Mao actually enjoys the thrill of fighting, so he'll be up for sparring or mock battles. In a real fight, despite his size, he's no pushover, and he'll attack someone who attacks him right back. However, he will never try for fatal damage unless its a monster, or his friends' lives are seriously threatened. Death is only acceptable if it is discussed and agreed upon with the mun beforehand. Otherwise, no.

Mind reading: feel free to try, but his mind is a bit jumbled and it's probably difficult to make sense of what he's thinking at the moment. Unless it's food.

thumbs up! Leave it to me!

Reverie Lane: Profile

Posted on 2009.12.22 at 02:41
Your Name: Enzel
LJ Username: sakurabatou
Email/AIM/Other: squeenixxnamco@gmail.com, AIM: TerrainPyjamas
Character's Name: Mao
Series: Tales of Rebirth
Age: 13 (1)
Height: 5' (153 cm)

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err....heh heh...


Posted on 2009.12.20 at 03:02
Crit goes here.